About Muxy

Muxy, Inc is based in Austin, TX. We started life developing high performing Twitch streamer tools. Many of our original products are now staples in the industry such as our no fee tips, Cheer Cup, and custom code alert packages.

While we still own and maintain our streamer tools our focus has been on interactive extensions and their growth. Muxy believes that interactive extensions are an opportunity to continue our drive to make live streams and broadcasts more fun and engaging for viewers. Our motto is “Muxy provides streamers the tools to become broadcasters” and that still holds true with our new vision.

Muxy is open to any opportunities in the live streaming and broadcasting space. We are currently focused on new interactive viewing experiences for sports and Esports live broadcasts. Feel free to contact us with opportunities outside our current focus because we have the luxury of being fast and mutable with our roadmap.

The Muxy Team


Peter Bonanni

CEO – Engineer that sees the big picture and can quickly create solutions that exceed expectations.


Cameron Rivers

CTO – Keeps the Muxy train on the rails and building outstanding tech.

Jared Steffes

EVP – The veteran entrepreneur wearing the business, sales, and big picture hats.

John Cook

VP of Projects – The link between business and engineering that keeps us all moving towards the same goal.

Ali Bodin

Head of PR


Albert Wang

Software Engineer

Colin Edwards

Software Engineer


Vince Bonanni

Customer Support

Cameron Currie

Software Engineer

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