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Overwatch League extension screenshot

OWL Twitch extension now available on the Overwatch League channel!

Muxy’s Overwatch League Extension is out now! Click the toolbar icon to access the extension. Check out your favorite players, find them on social media, see individual and team stats, and more. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite player of the match! Muxy teamed up with Blizzard and Twitch to create the extension. The […]

NBA G League Extension v2 Available Now!

For the last few months, we’ve been working with Twitch and the NBA G League to bring our brand of interaction and live stats to the world of basketball. You may have already seen the first version of the NBA G League Extension on Twitch broadcasts of games. It provides historical and lives stats about […]

Extension analytics follow-up

Thanks for the great response to our analytics explainer yesterday! We’ve completed our third review and found some things we could optimize in terms of what was being sent up to our servers but not relayed to Google Analytics. There was a page data object and various UUID’s that weren’t being used but were being […]

Extensions Launch Update – Analytics

Hey all! It’s been a very exciting evening and first day of the Extensions launch, and we’re looking forward to hearing what you all want us to build next. It has come to my attention that there is some concern about the Google Analytics data we collect in our Twitch Extensions, Overlay and Leaderboard. I’d […]

Muxy Extensions

Omni Overlay (On-Screen) The Muxy Overlay displays multiple apps that can be accessed via a toolbar that allow viewers to interact with a stream. When their mouse is over the Twitch player, viewers will see a small toolbar on the player that controls the various interactive apps. Viewers can reposition the on-screen overlay elements, interact […]

Muxy Extensions Open Beta

Update 9/6/2017: Extensions are live! You can install them here.   Get Muxy’s Overlay and Leaderboard Extensions for your channel! Our Extensions will be live the moment Twitch launches the platform. If you haven’t heard about Twitch Extensions yet, read this page from Twitch and then come back. We will have two Extensions available at […]

Installing, activating, and configuring Twitch extensions

Twitch Extension Installation Twitch Extensions can be installed from the Extension manager tab on the Twitch Dashboard. A Muxy account will be required to install our Extensions. If you don’t have one yet, go to and log in with your Twitch credentials. Open your Twitch Dashboard. Open the new “Extension Manager” tab. This tab […]

Ticker updates 7/27/2017

We have some pretty big updates to Muxy Ticker today! Do you listen to Spotify while you stream? Now you can make sure everyone knows what song is on with the newest Muxy Ticker file: spotify_now_playing.txt. You can even display the album art! Go to the new Integrations tab to connect your Spotify account. Later […]