Cheer Cup scaling

Today we’re introducing Cheer Cup scaling! The Cheer Cup will now change sizes when you change the size of your Cup browser source. This means the physics will work as intended at more window sizes. It also means the size of your cup may change a bit to improve the physics simulation next time you refresh your Cup browser source.*

The Cup sizing and physics are tuned for a browser source window height of 1080 pixels. Generally speaking, the closer your Cup browser source window height is to 1080 the better the physics and appearance will be.

Cup browser source window heights greater than 1080 pixels will result in larger bits, a larger cup, and more vertical spacing between text lines when multiple cheer messages are on screen.

Cup browser source window heights lower than 1080 pixels will scale down the size of the bits and the Cup, while text will not be scaled down to preserve readability.


*If you really want to use a very low window height or if you still can’t find a size that suits you, you can change the scale variable by adding “?scale=1” to the end of your cup URL. Changing the numeric value and refreshing page will scale the visualization environment. Fair warning: physics may be affected when you alter the scale value.

Have fun!

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Muxy Cheermote Support!

Last week we announced Muxy Cheermotes. Muxy Cheermotes work all across Twitch, in all channels that accept regular Cheer bits. Just type muxy1 to Cheer with Muxy!

Muxy Cheer interacts with the Cup in really fun ways, so experiment to see what you can do. The Cup also supports all of the new Cheermotes from Twitch.

We hope you like them, and we hope to see Muxy Cheermotes all over Twitch.

Video of our announcement stream below.


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About the cup changes

Last week we completely rewrote our Cheer visualization engine to improve stability and to allow us to create new Cheer visualizations in the future. This required that we rework our physics from scratch. We can’t go back to the old values because of the rewrite, but we are working hard to create good default values that will satisfy your viewers while maximizing your Cheer revenue.

We heard you loud and clear: we’re updating our Cheer Cup physics today to bring back some of the fun effects you love.

We’d like to hear how y’all like the new Cup physics compared to the version that was up this weekend.

You may have noticed that some bits are wearing jaunty Santa hats. The likelihood that any given bit will wear a hat will increase as Christmas approaches. You can turn this off from your Cheer page if you hate fun.

We’ll also be releasing some brand new Cheer visualizations soon! We can’t tell you what they are yet but keep an eye out.


  • New Cheer Cup crashes less
  • Improved physics as of today
  • Santa hats
  • All-new Cheer visualizations coming soon
  • Tell us what you think

Thank you for joining Muxy, thank you for using the Cheer Cup, and thank you so much for all of your feedback.

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Updates 12/1/2016

Today’s updates are mostly quality of life fixes with a few quick feature requests rolled in.

We added more currencies including BRL, NZD, SEK and THB.

We’ve completely rewritten our Cheer visualization engine, which should ensure that the cheer cup performs much better than before. This new engine also makes it easier for us to make new Cheer visualizations in the future.

There is a new condition for Cheer Alerts that allows you to trigger an alert when the largest cheer in the session happens.


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