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Can Twitch beat Day of the Tentacle using Muxy Interactives?

tldr: Stop by the Muxy Twitch channel and play Maniac Mansion II: Day of the Tentacle!

Maniac Mansion Twitch Plays Muxy Engagement Engine Interactives

Twitch Plays Day of the Tentacle using new Muxy Interactive features

On Wednesday, May 24th, we beta launched our new product that we have been working on for the past six months. It is called Muxy Interactives, and it showcases some of the power of our Engagement Engine. More “intentionally vague” information can be found here and here.

As an experiment, we have whipped up a new “Twitch Plays” that we hope you all really enjoy! We’re starting with the legendary Maniac Mansion II: Day of the Tentacle

Stop by the Muxy Twitch channel and join the fun!

How to play:

  1. Note* Muxy Interactives currently do not work on mobile, sorry!
  2. Tip* This experience works best in Theater Mode.
  3. Click on the screen to let our system know what action you want to take place.
  4. We then use a “consensus algorithm” to decide what action everyone participating has chosen.
  5. Communicate with others in chat to get the correct actions clicked!
  6. Have fun! Kappa

Send us your thoughts and love to @muxyatx on Twitter!

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New beta features!

We’re currently running a beta of a few of the cool new interactive features that we’ve been working on for the last several months!

Ten broadcasters are trying them out right now. If you want to see what we’re planning, check out which of them are live here. The beta is not available on mobile.

Try out our Overlay (with a voting system and confetti🎉), work your way up the Cheer Leaderboard, and find out what music is playing on the Pretzel music app.

To interact with the Overlay, click the buttons on the side of a participating stream to open widgets that you can move around the video player. You can also send confetti to the broadcaster that’ll rain down over their stream!

It’s been a while since we’ve released anything big, so we’re excited finally able to show you what we’ve been doing here at Muxy! Let us know what you’re most excited about on Twitter.

Once you’ve played with the new stuff, please fill out this quick feedback survey!

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How the Affiliate program changed Cheering

When the Affiliate Program launched on April 24th, a new step on the road to becoming partnered on Twitch was added for all non-partnered broadcasters. Once a broadcaster is invited to become an Affiliate, their viewers can begin cheering in their channel. No one could have known that this small addition would have such a large impact on the amount of bits being cheered on the site.

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Subscription Tiers API Changes

New Subscriptions

On Monday Twitch launched the Subscription Tiers beta, and with that came some API changes that have fundamentally changed how new subscriptions behave. New subscriptions are now similar to resubs in that they have to be “shared” before they are displayed in chat. While Twitch’s old system, known as “twitchnotify” (which is essentially an IRC bot) is still in place, it fires as soon as the new subscription has been billed and does not wait until it has been shared, which was causing duplicate alerts as viewers often wait before “sharing” their new subscription.

Today we’re ending support for “twitchnotify”, so be sure to tell your viewers to share their new sub in chat if they want an alert to pop up. Your sub count in Ticker will still be accurate because it uses a different endpoint. Twitch plans on removing “twitchnotify” completely in the coming weeks. You can read up on the technical details here.

Subscriber “Score”

We’ve heard your suggestions about adding subscriber “scores” to Ticker so you’ll know your progress towards new emote slots, and we’ve asked Twitch to add this information to the API. As explained in the linked thread, Twitch is looking into adding it. We’ll let you all know when it’s added, and our system will support it. If Subscription Tiers comes out of beta without this feature implemented from Twitch, we’ll look into adding it ourselves.

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