Twitch has made custom Cheermotes available to partners! Muxy, of course, has support for the new emotes you’ve all created and uploaded. If you’re a partner and you haven’t uploaded custom Cheermotes yet, you can do so on Twitch.


Your new Cheermotes will automatically work with our alerts and our cup with no extra work on your end. When someone uses your custom Cheermotes in your channel, the correct Cheermote will be displayed on your Cheer Alert.


Partner Cheermotes will work in the Cup just like all other Cheermotes do now. Their physics settings will be the same as default Cheer. If you have any ideas on how to make Partner Cheermotes feel extra special, let us know.
We can’t wait to see all your fancy new Cheermotes in your Cups! Remember to take the logo off the front of your Cup for better visibility.