Howdy y’all going to Dreamhack! Yes we really do say y’all here.

Austin, TX is the home of Muxy. We thought it would be nice to share some of our favorite bars and restaurants, and invite you to join us Saturday evening at REKT Esports Bar for a fun event!

Let us know you’re coming here:

Cameron C. suggests Craft Pride on Rainey. It has a lot of great Texas beers on tap and a cool vibe.

Vince suggests Lonesome Dove for exotic meats
He suggests the fried catfish and beef loin.

Ali suggests a couple of great spots. Le Politique is her go-to brunch spot

Irenes is a great spot for American comfort food and good cocktails.

Fareground is close to the convention center and gives a good overview of Austin’s restaurant scene. It has 6 different restaurants that helps picky friends find something for everyone!

Jared suggests Eureka! for really great scratch kitchen food. He has food allergies and they have alway been accommodating.
His favorite appetizer there is the brussel sprouts! Eureka is not too far from Dreamhack, right on Dirty 6th.

If you have a vehicle for the weekend, try to make a trip out to the original Salt Lick for an excellent BBQ experience!

Want to see a movie and get food and drinks, then the Alamo Ritz on Dirty 6th is the place to go. He suggests ordering the cauliflower buffalo wings, or the endless popcorn.

Cameron R. suggests 2nd Bar and Kitchen which also has all day + late night food and drinks. He says to get the black + bleu pizza and a Heart of Darkness

Easy Tiger is an excellent place near Dreamhack for sausages and beer. It is the first place he ever saw the Duchess de Bourgogne on tap.

Please let us know on Twitter if you decided to check out any of our suggestions <3

If you see us walking around Dreamhack or downtown Austin, don’t be shy. Come on up and say hi!