Thanks for the great response to our analytics explainer yesterday!

We’ve completed our third review and found some things we could optimize in terms of what was being sent up to our servers but not relayed to Google Analytics. There was a page data object and various UUID’s that weren’t being used but were being sent, so they’ve been removed to reduce confusion and save bandwidth. We also found that our library was using local storage to store a randomly generated UUID per user, however this was not personally identifying or even used. Despite it not being used, we took the time to remove this functionality from the library so that it’s easier to understand what data we are using by just looking at the request payload.

You can review the source code changes here:

We are confident that our code has not and will not collect any data in violation of any laws or privacy agreements. If you have any questions please contact us at

We will be turning analytics back on following this post going live, and are submitting new versions of our extensions to Twitch which include the above non-required changes.

Thanks all, and enjoy your weekend! We’re excited to get back to focusing on upgrading our extensions and working on new ones.

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