The TopClip Twitch extension by ted_o_brian displays the top clip of your stream as a panel extension or a video component. This extension has mobile support, which allows anyone on any desktop or mobile device to see the extension.

Link to install:

Another great feature about this extension is that the broadcaster can change the time period of their most popular Twitch clip, which makes the extension more useful for both smaller and bigger streamers. I like this extension because it allows the broadcaster to show their best moments to a new viewer or lurker just by showing the Twitch clip inside the panel extension.

The configuration panel is thorough and cleanly laid out. The extension config will show the top clip based off a timeframe you select and place it in the top clips area. This allows you to choose which clip you would like displayed in the panel extension. There is also a feature to disable autoplay and an area to see your statistics for your top clips that had been displayed.

The Presentation settings change when and what the video component does when a viewer initially loads your Twitch page. These new settings options were added when ted_o_brian added the video component. The first setting is great for streamers to show off their best moments. These two settings are correlated. The first setting asks if you want a picture or a video with controls (without autoplay) to be shown as the thumbnail for your clip on the overlay. The second setting asks you if you would like autoplay on the clip when you twitch page is loaded up and if you want the overlay to be loaded on the first 10 seconds of a viewer loading your Twitch page.

There are also additions to the configure page to show your top 3 most clicked clips. This is a feature that shows the number views and clicks that the clip has received from the panel or component extension.

A great feature at the bottom of the config shows ted_o_brian’s other extensions. This is an excellent way to increase the visibility of his cool extensions products!

According to ted_o_brian, TopClip was just his “getting started” project for Twitch Extensions, but it’s grown to 1 to 1.5 million views per day! He went on to develop a bit-enabled extension called Drawtastic, which we also recommend checking out.

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