Note from the post author, CrassKitty: Before we get started, I want to clarify this is just what has worked for me. It may not work for everyone and certainly isn’t set in stone.

This is it. The big moment.

The moment when you’re deciding to set up your stream for the first time. It’s an exhilarating and can feel nerve wracking. Muxy wants to help you be ready and have all the tools you need to succeed at streaming, so we’ve decided to write this super easy and simple blog post on how to stream for the first time.

Firstly, you’re going to need some programs. OBS Studio is free and can be found here: We previously wrote a tutorial on how to setup OBS.

Inifniscene(now called Lightstream) is also free and very simple to get started. There are several other programs you can use that are paid such as Xsplit and Gameshow. This blog post will not be focusing on how to set these up, but instead, the attitude and mindset you’re going to need to stream.

Stream Title

Before you can stream, you should come up with a great stream title. A couple good things to ask are:

Does your stream title educate your potential audience on what you’re doing?  

Is it engaging?

Does your title call people to you?

Think of a stream title as a minor first impression. As if you’re passing someone on the street and you’ve noticed what their shirt says or how cool their shoes are. You want your title to be something that represents what you’re doing that day and try to draw people to your stream.

Instead of “Chillin” try something that educates the viewers on what they are going to see. If you’re grinding to a new level, say that. If you’re exploring a new patch in a game, mention the highlights of the patch. Give your new potential viewers a reason to click and watch.

Game Saturation

Now, the next big thing that I like to follow is the rule of saturation. If you go to a game like LoL, Hearthstone, or Dota you will scroll upon pages upon pages on people with 0 viewers. Those people are not necessarily bad streamers, but they are near invisible. If you have to scroll to find them, they probably won’t end up being found 🙁

Hearthstone is a very saturated game to stream

Hearthstone is a very saturated game to stream

Instead you should find another game that you like that doesn’t have more than one page of broadcasters. The smaller the better! It increases your chance for someone to click on your stream. It even increases the chance someone who is streaming that game to more viewers will host you when they are done streaming to their viewers.

Find a game that not everyone is playing to find viewers

Find a game that not everyone is playing to find viewers

It is likely you want to start streaming because you’re a beast at League, and you really want to share this with the world. However, building up a core audience of even 2 to 3 people will drastically improve your chances while playing a larger game. Sometimes that takes playing a ‘smaller’ game to find a niche of people looking for a new streamer.

Building a Core Audience

How do you build a core audience? Engagement and consistency are key. Have a twitter account to tweet when you’re going to be live. Put a panel in your Twitch profile to state the times you are live. Add a bot command that link to that twitter. Some great bots include branebot, nightbot and moobot amongst many others.

The most important part is to engage with your followers and viewers. Even if no one is watching you, never stop talking, narrating, making jokes and then laughing at yourself. Do whatever it is that makes you, you.

Charisma is very important, but comes in many different shapes forms and sizes. If you’re personality is about raging and being angry, do that! If you’re more of the educational sort who wants people to learn from what you know of a game, go in that direction! Maybe you just like to laugh and make jokes, or maybe you’re more of the sexual nature. Whatever it is that you do to be you, don’t stop doing it.

Be consistent with it. Don’t change your personality every day, instead try to find one major key element that makes your stream unique to you and roll with it. It’s okay to have off days or maybe not be as on fire as you were, but keep the essential parts of your personality the same.

If you don’t know what your personality is, I advise you ask your friends why they like to be around you, or ask family members, or even people you game with online. What makes you unique? Why do they like to listen to you? These are the things that you can build your stream around.

This combined with a consistent schedule is essential, and for me, managed to get me a sizable core audience and keep them.

Now all of this advice isn’t going to work for everyone, and other people will find methods they like better. However, there is one key element that I haven’t yet mentioned, have fun! Streaming is a wonderful, amazing thing to do that allows you to potentially connect with people all over the world. Embrace how absolutely incredible that is and go forth with the idea that you can entertain people from all walks of life with just a click of the button.

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