You may have noticed the Discord integration listed on our Connections tab. Well, it’s true. Muxy has a Discord bot! We’ve been really excited about our analytics lately, so we want to let you share statistics about your stream on your Discord server. We’ll also notify your Discord server when you go live on Twitch.

To set up MuxyBot, you need to own a Discord server. You have one? Okay, so go to the Muxy Connections page and click “Connect” under Discord, then use the “Server” button to pick the server you’d like to add the bot to. Use the “Settings” button to set permissions and channels.


  • Notify your Discord channel when you go live on Twitch.
  • Display follow, donation, subscription, and host alerts in your Discord channel.
  • Show a summary of your most recent stream statistics, including: uptime, games played, and viewer, chatter, and follower numbers.


  • !muxy help: displays a list of commands
  • !muxy stats: displays information and statistics about your most recent stream