For the last few months, we’ve been working with Twitch and the NBA G League to bring our brand of interaction and live stats to the world of basketball.

You may have already seen the first version of the NBA G League Extension on Twitch broadcasts of games. It provides historical and lives stats about players and teams, easily accessed from the video player.

The new version comes with a ton of new features that add interaction and deeper insight into the game, including team and player stat comparisons and a robust loyalty point system and leaderboard. You can even pick a player and gain extra loyalty points based on their performance.


Stat comparisons

Compare two players or two teams by pulling up their respective cards. The stats are compared automatically, and the leader in each stat category has their stat value highlighted in their team color at the bottom of their player or team card. The player with the lower corresponding stat value for a category will have their stat displayed in gray.


Play by Play

A full, dynamically updating event timeline for the active NBA G League game on Twitch is now accessible from the sidebar launcher. Each score, each block, etc. are displayed in a chronological list, separated by tabs for each quarter.


G League Ticker

You can now view player and team stats for past and active games by clicking games listed on the ticker. You can look into future matchups by clicking on future games to view the competing teams season average stats.


Loyalty Leaderboard

Users have experienced loyalty gains for watching G League games on Twitch and now the top ten ranked users are listed on the new Loyalty Leaderboard. Here you can also view your current loyalty point and rank.


New Loyalty Bonuses

Special bonus loyalty events are awarded automatically for watching games that hit high stat thresholds like 100 points in a game or a high number of blocks made in a half.


Boost Player

Viewers can now select an active player from their team card. While the viewer has a player selected, the viewer will earn bonus loyalty points based on their selected player’s performance.


Quarterly Polling

At the start of each quarter, viewers can participate in the Quarterly Polling which will ask users to predict which team will end the quarter with more of a specific stat like points in the paint or blocks. Loyalty points are awarded for correct guesses.


You can watch NBA G League games and try out our Extension on Twitch.