Muxy will support the new Twitch subscription tiers at launch. Your old subscriber alerts will still work, but you now have the option of setting up different alerts for each subscription tier!

We’ve already updated our system, so you can start making your subscription tiers alerts now.

Even if you choose not to offer higher tiers to your viewers, you’ll still benefit from our latest update by creating a separate alert for Twitch Prime subs.

New display conditions

The new display conditions for subscriber alerts are “Twitch Sub tier is exactly” and “Twitch Sub tier is at least”. When you select one of these display conditions, a dropdown box will appear so you can select one of the four subscriber tiers.

You can further refine your display conditions by adding another one for months subscribed.

With this system, you can create an alert for every Twitch subscriber condition!

Let us know what cool new alerts you make with for our new Display Conditions on Twitter.

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