In late December, Twitch came to us with the most exciting project we’d seen in a while: making a Twitch Extension for Ninja’s New Year’s Eve event. That’s how we ended up spending 5 days right around Christmas, with half of the company out on vacation, creating an Extension for one of the biggest Twitch events of the year. Ninja New Year’s got a TON of press coverage, even outside gaming media, so we knew we had to get this right.

The Ninja New Year’s Extension allowed viewers to vote on polls and answer trivia questions to win bits. Seven of these polls and trivia questions appeared during the event. In all, 10,000,000 bits were given out to viewers.

From our perspective, the Extension was extremely successful. It was viewed over 2 million times by over 750,000 unique viewers. Of those, around 160,000 interacted with the Extension itself. It was clicked over a million times.

By the numbers:

  • We saw users from 201 countries, including one person from Zambia
  • The United States accounted for 46% of users, from all 50 states
  • The average time on stream was just under 20 minutes (19:27)
  • We had 0.35% of users on Linux
  • 65,882 people shared their Twitch identities with the extension
  • The Extension was viewed 2,117,741 times
  • There were 762,142 unique viewers
  • The Extension was clicked 1,167,688 times an average of (6.5 clicks per unique interactor)
  • 160,021 viewers interacted with the Extension
  • 10,000,000 bits were given out to viewers

Shoutout to the Linux users and the one person in Zambia. We appreciate you.

So how did we build this Extension on such short notice? We used the MEDKit, our framework that makes it easy to build Extensions without worrying about the backend. Check it out at!