Twitch Affiliates are getting subscription buttons and Muxy is ready to support your Sub Alerts!


New to Muxy?

All you need to do is head to Muxy, log in, and start creating your new subscription alert. Info about how to get started is available here.

Already a Muxy user?

You can add a new Subscription Alert to your current Alert Package. Just follow the guide below!

Edit your Muxy alert package to make a new Subscriber Alert

Create a New Subscription Alert

create and test your affiliate subscription alert

Create and test your affiliate subscription alert

NOTE! You can test your new alert, but it will not automatically work until Twitch officially releases the Subscription feature for Affiliates.

Edit your Subscription Alert

Edit your new subscription alert for Twitch Affiliate

Edit your new subscription alert

The “Display Condition” allows you to create a custom alert for subscriptions to many platforms including:

  • Twitch Subscriptions
    • Prime
    • Tier 1 = $4.99
    • Tier 2 = $9.99
    • Tier 3 = $24.99
  • Gamewisp
  • Patreon

You can also set display conditions based on the length of the subscription.

Set up different alerts for Prime, $4.99, $9.99, and $24.99 subscriptions

1. Change the Display Condition to “Twitch Sub tier is exactly”. This condition allows you to create a special alert for each class of subscription, like a Prime only alert.

2. Change the dropdown to the right of the “Display Condition” to the tier you want your alert to show for. Here, “Prime” is selected. Now this Subscription Alert will only display for Prime subscriptions.

3. Make sure you preview and save your hot new alert!

Preview and save your Twitch Affiliate Sub Alert

4. Make a copy of your alert so you can easily make a custom alert for the other tiers! We suggest making the Tier 3 the most special alert since it is the rarest.

Click to make a copy of your alert

For additional alert info visit:

Let us know how excited you are for your shiny new sub button to appear on your Twitch page by sending us a tweet @MuxyATX

Have fun and stream on!

<3 Muxy