With Monday’s launch of the Twitch Affiliate Program, we were curious about how many Muxy users would qualify. The requirements, as posted, are as follows: at least 500 total minutes broadcast, 7 unique broadcast days, an average of 3 concurrent viewers or more over the last 30 days and at least 50 followers. That may sound like a low bar, but a very small percentage of Twitch streamers meet all four requirements.

As we announced on Twitter, at least 60 thousand streamers across Twitch meet the requirements for the affiliate program. We want to help people understand exactly what they need to do to join the program. This post is based on our data as of Friday, April 21.

How to qualify

There are about 6,400 Muxy users who are qualified for the Affiliate Program. There are a further 20,000 who almost qualify, but are disqualified by one or more factors.


The most disqualifying metric by a significant margin was the average concurrent viewership requirement. Of the 20,000 who meet one or more requirement, 10,024 users, about half, do not meet the necessary average concurrent viewership. Compare that to the number who are disqualified by number of followers, 4,800, and it’s clear the story here. If you are an aspiring streamer looking to become an Affiliate, you likely need to get your average concurrent viewership up.

In the chart above, there are a surprising number of users with zero average viewers. The way the bins work, any value greater than 0.0 and less than 0.50 is labeled as midpoint of the bin 0.25. The vertical red lines are all drawn at the integer cut off points (3.0 in the case of the viewership requirement).

We also saw a number of data points showing zero viewers for individual streams. You should always have at least 1 viewer by keeping your Twitch dashboard open (it is also just a good habit to get into). Hard or awkward as it might be, ask your friends to watch your stream. Communities don’t develop out of the blue. They often start with your friends, whether those are Steam friends, people who like your art on Instagram, or childhood buddies.

Days streamed

The next biggest disqualifier is number of days streamed. This seems easy enough to fix, however one thing that might help you is setting up a schedule. A schedule can help your stream in many ways, but knowing exactly when you’ll hit your day requirement for the month will be easier with a schedule. Find two regular days a week, and that should get you to eight days for the month every month.

Minutes broadcast

The next largest disqualifier is minutes broadcast. If you’re already streaming the required number of days each month, you should be fine on minutes. If not, just add an extra streaming day or an extra 15 minutes to half hour each time you stream.


If you meet the other requirements, you are almost certainly going to meet the criteria for followers according to our data. Much like average concurrent viewership, a focus on community building could help. Set up a follower alert so you can acknowledge your new-found supporters, and try watching your past streams. It might be easier to see minor, easy-to-address fixes like mic popping or camera quality that way.


Good luck to everyone who’s working hard to join the Affiliate Program. Remember that you can keep track of how you’re doing each stream with Muxy’s Analytics. We may even have a fun tool coming out soon to help you on your journey to Affiliate status.