Today’s updates are mostly quality of life fixes with a few quick feature requests rolled in.

We added more currencies including BRL, NZD, SEK and THB.

We’ve completely rewritten our Cheer visualization engine, which should ensure that the cheer cup performs much better than before. This new engine also makes it easier for us to make new Cheer visualizations in the future.

There is a new condition for Cheer Alerts that allows you to trigger an alert when the largest cheer in the session happens.


  • We now support even more currencies: BRL, NZD, SEK and THB
  • There is now an option to disable the scrolling text on the cheer cup.
  • Cheer alerts now have a condition that will trigger on the largest cheer in the session
  • Muxy Ticker now displays the logged-in account name and avatar in the navigation bar.


  • We’ve rewritten the Cheer visualization engine. This improves cup performance and should resolve any crashes that people were encountering.
  • The Cup physics parameters have been updated to be more visually pleasing. Expect more Cheer to hang around and larger bits should more reliably make it to the Cup.


  • Session end desktop notifications will now show up properly
  • Uploading SVG files to your assets should now work
  • Fixed an edge case where the top donors file in Muxy Ticker would be in the wrong order.

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