Monetize your players that stream on Twitch through official team alerts that show your sponsors. These alerts allow viewer impressions to be reported each time a viewer follows, subs, donates, hosts, and more. Our Esports and sponsored alerts are not as easy for a viewer to mentally block out like the typical static logo on screen the entire stream.

We understand Twitch data and trends. It is a hyper combination of mobile, social video, chat room, and behavioral analytics. Knowing what points to focus on really matters to lift your brand through Twitch. Our Twitch expertise becomes available to you as a Muxy business partner.

The data we provide is as accurate as possible. We know how important having data confidence is to making business decisions. That’s why we provide the raw data metrics in our reports. Our goal is to add the same legitimacy of web advertising to Twitch broadcasting, sponsored Esports events, and influencer marketing.

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Branded Alerts and Reports

The Muxy Esport Alert puts your team’s sponsors into the Twitch notification alerts on screen. The video clip shows TrixiESAM getting a new follower alert that shows the team, Panda Global, and a random sponsor of the team, Toshiba.

We provide reports in a couple of formats. This is an example of the most preferred by our clients.

muxy twitch esports brands alerts analytics report

Twitch Data Simplified

We provide reports that are themed for your organization with attractive graphs and numbers that allow your team to make decisions accurately. Easily see your ROI and discover strategic new markets for your brand to focus.

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