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Marketing in Live Streaming

Live streaming platforms like Twitch are increasingly popular with brands and marketers. Here are a few of the advantages that this valuable marketing opportunity provides to brands and businesses.


The live streaming audience is young and largely male, absorbing many of the viewers live sports on broadcast television has shed in recent years.


The relationship between a live streamer and their audience is powerful. Viewers feel connected to their favorite broadcasters and listen to what they say.


Live video is still in its infacy as a platform, allowing for a smaller investment and greater return than more established channels.

Ad Block Proof

The tech-savvy live streaming audience is overwhelmingly likely to use ad blockers, making influencer partnerships the clear choice over more traditional internet advertising methods like Google ads.


The strong community aspect of live streaming channels creates viewer groups that may be quite different from the viewers of other channels on the same platform.


Live streaming audiences and broadcasters tend to be "hyper-sharers", disseminating materials they find interesting far and wide across social media platforms and live broadcasts.

Twitch: The Right Market for Your Brand?

The burgeoning live video space can provide an invaluable opportunity for any brand, not just those endemic to the gaming space. Without prior knowledge or experience, however, things can quickly become overwhelming. With so many different broadcasters and channels to consider, how can you even know where to start? How can you make sure that the influencer you want to work with will represent your brand in the way you want?

That's where Muxy comes in. Our team has been immersed in the Twitch community for years, and we have the knowledge, understanding, and data to guide your path forward. Muxy's comprehensive analytics and team of experts can streamline the process and make your brand's entry into the live streaming space easy and successful.

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