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MEDKit Description

The MEDKit (Muxy Extension Development Kit) makes it easy for developers to build Twitch Extensions. Muxy takes care of your backend and framework needs so you just have to write a cool front-end app.

We frequently push updates to the MEDKit to make sure it includes the best recommendations from our developer partners and latest API updates from Twitch. We are a full-time team dedicated to the future of live video interactions.

Do you know Javascript, CSS, and Vue.js? Use the MEDKit and build your own Twitch Extension. Get started for free!

MEDKit info

We currently have 25+ developers using the MEDKit to create their own Twitch Extensions.

Clients we have built custom Twitch Extension projects for include Twitch, The Game Awards 2017, the NBA G-League, and more.

Contact us to get a quote on a custom Twitch Extension for your brand or game.

Questions and Answers

Why would I click on the video stream?

In the past clicking the video stream could cause it to buffer, but with the adoption of high speed bandwidth it is time to stop worrying about bad video player tech and buffering.

It is time for a paradigm shift where the live video stream has apps just like your smartphone that can alter the watching experience for you, others, and the broadcaster through an onscreen interaction.

Does the MEDKit work with games and how do I get started?

Yes, the MEDKit is designed from the ground up to integrate with games and other apps easily. 

We have built an authentication system that allows broadcasters to connect to games so developers can create cool experiences for viewers watching.

Getting started building an Extension is as simple as heading over to and grabbing the MEDKit.

Can Muxy build us an extension?

We can! We’ve built interactive experiences with Twitch for both the NBA and Game Awards. Over 12,000 Twitch broadcasters have installed and used an Extension created by Muxy.

Extensions have helped improve engagement and sales. Contact our team to let us know what you would like to see built and we will share our experiences on how to best make your idea a reality.

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