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The Game Awards 2018 Twitch Screen

How to Co-Stream and use The Game Awards 2018 Twitch Extension

Hi everyone and happy holidays! It’s that time of year, the time to see if your community can predict who is going to win the awards at The Game Awards 2018! The Game Awards are live on Thursday, December 6th at 5:30 PT on Got thoughts on God of War vs. Red Dead Redemption […]

Extension Review: TopClip

The TopClip Twitch extension by ted_o_brian displays the top clip of your stream as a panel extension or a video component. This extension has mobile support, which allows anyone on any desktop or mobile device to see the extension. Link to install: Another great feature about this extension is that the broadcaster can change […]

Watch to Win extension screenshot

Watch Doctor Who to win prizes with Muxy’s new extension!

Starting Tuesday, May 29 at 11AM PDT, Twitch will air daily eight-hour classic Doctor Who marathons on TwitchPresents. That’s over 500 episodes of Doctor Who over seven weeks! To add to the fun, Twitch tapped Muxy to create the Doctor Who Watch to Win Extension. All you have to do is opt into the sweepstakes […]

Overwatch League extension screenshot

Twitch Extension devs! Connect with Muxy at Dreamhack Austin and E3

Will you be at E3? Will you be at Dreamhack Austin? We want to meet you! Hit us up on Twitter @muxyatx. We’ll be walking around E3 and Dreamhack, so if you see someone wearing a Muxy shirt be sure to say hi! Some of us may even be carrying some exclusive swag 😉 Muxy […]

Overwatch League extension screenshot

OWL Twitch extension now available on the Overwatch League channel!

Muxy’s Overwatch League Extension is out now! Click the toolbar icon to access the extension. Check out your favorite players, find them on social media, see individual and team stats, and more. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite player of the match! Muxy teamed up with Blizzard and Twitch to create the extension. The […]

muxy interactives twitch day of the tentacle twitch plays

Can Twitch beat Day of the Tentacle using Muxy Interactives?

tldr: Stop by the Muxy Twitch channel and play Maniac Mansion II: Day of the Tentacle! On Wednesday, May 24th, we beta launched our new product that we have been working on for the past six months. It is called Muxy Interactives, and it showcases some of the power of our Engagement Engine. More “intentionally vague” information can […]

New beta features!

We’re currently running a beta of a few of the cool new interactive features that we’ve been working on for the last several months! Ten broadcasters are trying them out right now. If you want to see what we’re planning, check out which of them are live here. The beta is not available on mobile. […]

How the Affiliate program changed Cheering

When the Affiliate Program launched on April 24th, a new step on the road to becoming partnered on Twitch was added for all non-partnered broadcasters. Once a broadcaster is invited to become an Affiliate, their viewers can begin cheering in their channel. No one could have known that this small addition would have such a […]

Subscription Tiers API Changes

New Subscriptions On Monday Twitch launched the Subscription Tiers beta, and with that came some API changes that have fundamentally changed how new subscriptions behave. New subscriptions are now similar to resubs in that they have to be “shared” before they are displayed in chat. While Twitch’s old system, known as “twitchnotify” (which is essentially […]