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Ticker updates 7/27/2017

We have some pretty big updates to Muxy Ticker today! Do you listen to Spotify while you stream? Now you can make sure everyone knows what song is on with the newest Muxy Ticker file: spotify_now_playing.txt. You can even display the album art! Go to the new Integrations tab to connect your Spotify account. Later […]

Subscription Tiers API Changes

New Subscriptions On Monday Twitch launched the Subscription Tiers beta, and with that came some API changes that have fundamentally changed how new subscriptions behave. New subscriptions are now similar to resubs in that they have to be “shared” before they are displayed in chat. While Twitch’s old system, known as “twitchnotify” (which is essentially […]

Custom Cheermotes!

Twitch has made custom Cheermotes available to partners! Muxy, of course, has support for the new emotes you’ve all created and uploaded. If you’re a partner and you haven’t uploaded custom Cheermotes yet, you can do so on Twitch.

Cheer Cup scaling

Today we’re introducing Cheer Cup scaling! The Cheer Cup will now change sizes when you change the size of your Cup browser source. This means the physics will work as intended at more window sizes. It also means the size of your cup may change a bit to improve the physics simulation next time you […]

Updates 12/1/2016

Today’s updates are mostly quality of life fixes with a few quick feature requests rolled in. We added more currencies including BRL, NZD, SEK and THB. We’ve completely rewritten our Cheer visualization engine, which should ensure that the cheer cup performs much better than before. This new engine also makes it easier for us to […]

Updates 11/08/2016

We have a couple of small updates to the Live Feed today. Does your Live Feed take up too much space? Try the new Minimal UI. It helps save screen space so you can use the Live Feed even more effectively on smaller screens (like your phone or tablet) We’ve also added desktop notifications to […]

Updates 10/20/2016

Today we added an awesome new feature for those of you who make alerts for other streamers: Alert Package sharing! Every Alert Package on your Alerts page now has a share button. Just send the share link to another Muxy user and the Alert Package will be added to their account. We’ve also decided to […]

Updates 9/15/2016

Muxy has a brand new media tab! It’s far more intuitive, and we’ve added a media library. Upload and store gifs, WebMs, and audio files to use in your alerts. We’ve also added a fun way to customize your Cheer Cup. All Cheer Cups are now branded with a subtle, frosted Muxy logo (just like a real […]

Updates 9/6/2016

Hey everyone! We haven’t written a blog post about our changes for quite some time, so this one will be a bit long. Key points here are support for WebM in the Simple Editor and new ways to interact with the Tip page. Full list of changes (over the last month) below.