The Muxy Ticker allows streamers to customize dynamic text labels that are displayed in OBS.  The most common usages for dynamic text labels are for displaying things change during the course of a stream like a list of recent subs, followers, or the name of a top donator.

Muxy Ticker: Dynamic Text Labels & Scrolling

  1. Navigate to the Desktop App page (
  2. Select the “MUXY TICKER FOR WINDOWS” button to download the Ticker installer.
  3. Run the Ticker installer.
  4. When prompted, log in with your Twitch account.
  5. The first tab you’ll see is the “Status” tab. Here you can see status updates regarding your Ticker text files.
  6. Select “Settings”. Here you can select any of the text files from the drop down menu and alter the presentation format for that file. You can also change your text file output directory from this tab.
  7. Open OBS and click the “+” button in the “Sources” box.
  8. Select “Text”.
  9. Name your text source, and select “OK”.
  10. Select the “Read from file” checkbox.
  11. Select the “Browse” button and navigate to the desired Ticker text file. (If you’ve forgotten where the Ticker text files are located, you can see what folder they are in on the “Settings” tab of the Ticker. The default path is C:\Users\<currentusername>\Muxy)
  12. Select the desired text file, select “Open”, and then select “OK”.
  13. To make the text scroll in OBS Studio, right click your text source in the source window and select “filters” from the menu.
  14. Click the “+” button on the filters panel and select “Scroll”. From there you can configure your scrolling options for your text source.

List of existing labels: (more to come based on user requests)


  • 30day_donation_amount.txt
  • 30day_top_donator.txt
  • 30day_top_donators.txt
  • All_time_top_cumulative_donor.txt
  • All_time_top_cumulative_donors.txt
  • All_time_top_donator.txt
  • All_time_top_donators.txt
  • Donation_goal.txt
  • Donation_streak.txt
  • Donation_streak_timer.txt
  • Monthly_donation_amount.txt
  • Monthly_top_cumulative_donor.txt
  • Monthly_top_cumulative_donors.txt
  • Monthly_top_donator.txt
  • Monthly_top_donators.txt
  • Most_recent_donator.txt
  • Recent_donators.txt
  • Session_donation_amount.txt
  • Session_donators.txt
  • Session_most_recent_donator.txt
  • Session_top_donator.txt
  • Session_top_donators.txt
  • Total_donation_amount.txt
  • Weekly_donation_amount.txt
  • Weekly_top_cumulative_donor.txt
  • Weekly_top_cumulative_donors.txt
  • Weekly_top_donator.txt
  • Weekly_top_donators.txt



  • Follow_streak.txt
  • Follow_streak_timer.txt
  • Most_recent_follower.txt
  • Recent_followers.txt
  • Session_follower_count.txt
  • Session_followers.txt
  • Session_most_recent_follower.txt
  • Total_follower_count.txt



  • Most_recent_subscriber.txt
  • Session_most_recent_subscriber.txt
  • Session_new_subscriber_count.txt
  • Session_subscriber_count.txt
  • Session_subscribers.txt
  • Subscription_streak.txt
  • Subscription_streak_timer.txt
  • Total_subscriber_count.txt



  • Recent_host.txt
  • Recent_hosts.txt
  • Session_hosts.txt


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