Muxy’s Twitch analytics provide valuable information to help you best reach your community and grow your Twitch stream.

If you’ve been streaming for a while, Muxy Analytics will already have information for you to view.

From the Session Analytics tab, you can see statistical information about your past Twitch sessions, including your viewer and chatter counts, information about games you’ve played, and follow, subscription, and host alerts. If you use Muxy for donations or have connected another service, you can also see when your donations came in.


Coming soon:

  • Find out when the best times to stream are and which games are best for engaging your viewers.
  • Learn when your community is online and discover what other games they like to watch.
  • Get stats on how many active followers you have and how well you retain viewers.
  • And so much more
Muxy stream analytics sample graph

Muxy Session Analytics sample graph

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