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Interactive live video (ILV) apps run on top of live video feeds and add a new dimension of engagement to any broadcast. From ecommerce to polls, fantasy sports, live statistics and more, the potential for what ILV apps can add to live events is limitless.

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Muxy Powered Interactive Live Stream Series ‘Artificial’ Wins Emmy

The Twitch series created by Bernie Su, ‘Artificial’, won the juried 2019 award for ‘Outstanding Innovation in Interactive Media’. The series is an audience interactive sci-fi series where viewers respond to an onscreen poll to help determine the direction of the story. The interactive onscreen poll is created and powered by Muxy. “We are thrilled […]

How to link your Bethesda account to the Rage 2 Twitch Extension

You must link your account to your Twitch account for the extensions defibrillation mini-game to work. Log in to with your Bethesda account. Click on your profile on the top right of the page Click the  ‘Linked Accounts’ option. Link your Twitch account. A green circle with a check mark verifies the account […]

Creating a Platform: How Fortnite Became More than a Game

Fortnite’s incredible success is difficult to overstate–its huge viewership, massive popularity, and incredible reach are self evident. That is to say nothing at all about the $2.4 billion it earned in 2018. No other game has had an event at Time Square during the New Year’s Eve celebration, however ill-advised expecting a million people to […]

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