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Alerts, Analytics, Sponsorships
Unique insights into your past streams and suggestions to help you grow.
In open beta

Get deep insights into your stream with Muxy’s Analytics system. Explore which times are best to connect with your community and which games drive the most growth. Discover what you can do to stand out in the crowd.

Connect with sponsors so you can do what you love full time.
Coming soon

Muxy uses our powerful analytics to match livestreamers with sponsors via our marketplace. We handle the contracts and negotiations so you can spend more time producing content and connecting with your audience.

Instantaneous alerts that you can easily customize to your liking.
For Twitch

Muxy Alerts for Twitch is the only system that displays your alerts instantaneously. Alerts are simple to set up and easy to use. Quickly create beautiful alerts with the simple editor, or use the advanced editor to fully customize how your alerts display using HTML5.

How Does Muxy Work?

  • Sign in to Muxy

    Connect your Twitch account to log in.

  • Set up your tips

    Process your donations through PayPal. No additional fees.

  • Create your alerts

    Customize your tips, follow, host, and subscription alerts to your liking.

  • Analyze your sessions

    Discover the best times to stream and what games are your most successful.

  • Monetize your stream

    Join Muxy’s streamer-sponsor marketplace to connect with brands.